About Us 

Dr. Taneisha McFarlane the Founder and CEO of HistoCare BioScience, is a renowned oncology researcher with experience in both clinical and research environment. Her firsthand experiences with slow histology turn-a-round and the limited availability of a diverse spectrum of analyte control FFPE tissues, led her to establish the company. She understands the frustration it can cause for researchers striving for efficiency and accuracy in histology.

Driven by her passion for advancing scientific research, and with her cellular pathology and material engineering background Dr. McFarlane is focused on accuracy and reliability. She has developed innovative solutions to streamline and enhance research turn-around-time as well as delivering a broad range of high quality FFPE controls to life science and diagnostic industries.

The aim is to contribute towards supporting groundbreaking discoveries in the field of cancer, ultimately leading to greater success in research and patient care.